Speech by Dr. Aliya Saeed on January 21, 2017 – Inaugurate Resistance, Albany, NY

I want to thank you all for letting me talk today, all of you. Thank you.I see familiar faces of allies in the audience.
I may be unpopular in this crowd when I say he IS my president. I know many of you disagree, but I think he is my president, and that means I employ him and you employ him, he needs to hear us out. Remember when he asked his audience to pledge allegiance to him, well he just took the oath as our servant.  He told us that Americans will no longer be ignored, so here I am and I won’t be ignored.
Today I want him to learn some numbers. When you start with a new employee, you have to help them learn the new job.
Today I want him to hear from me, a mother, the number 218. Thats is how many miles we drove on Thursday night to drop our daughter off at college, not because there were no buses available, but because we were afraid for her safety on the bus, she wears a headscarf which identifies her as Muslim.  I want him to make sure that my daughter is safe whether she wears a scarf on her head or not.
Today I want him to hear 2008. That was the year our financial systems collapsed because billionaires like the ones that fill his cabinet, needed to be bailed out by us because they could not control their greed.  I don’t want to bail them out again, we are done.
I want him to remember 7, that is number of countries U.S has bombed in 2016. Out of those 7, 7 countries are Muslim. With Michael Flynn type people in the cabinet who plan to bomb more aggressively, and who say Islam is a vicious cancer, this should worry. We are still bombing these places because another president thought like that.
I also want him to remember the number 0. That is number of terrorists caught when U.S initiated a registry of Muslim men under the name NSEERS. Google that if you don’t know.  Keep in mind, only men from poor Muslim countries were made to register even though most of the 9-11 attackers came from rich countries. 0 terrorists caught after spending billions of dollars and alienating a community.
Today I want him to hear another number, That number is 1, No matter how he or the people who brought him to power, want to divide us to distract us , we are One. Black –  brown –  white –  gay –  straight –  cis –  trans –  christian –  muslim –  jew, all others, we Americans are all 1 people, and if we are told to register, we must  all register as one people.
Aliya Saeed, MD