We Stand Against Racism and Islamophobia Decal

This decal is free! You can download it (as a jpeg), print it out at any size you want (although we recommend the actual size, 4” x 6.7”), and post it anywhere. The decal was made specifically for Capital District Coalition Against Islamophobia’s participation in the Inaugurate Resistance Day, January 21, 2017, sponsored by Citizen Action, but we are hoping that you’ll keep the decal posted permanently so your commitment to stand against Islamophobia and with refugees and immigrants will be a reminder to all who see it that there is no time limit on human rights or compassion.

If you would like a 4” x 6.7” “peel-off” decal (which can be pasted in a window, on a door, or anywhere else appropriate), please message us here with your name, complete address, contact info, and how many decals you would like. We’ll mail your decal(s), although we may have to limit quantities if the supply runs low. But if you live in the Capital District and you’re planning to come to the Inaugurate Resistance events on January 21—you can receive a decal in person if you ask. See our CDCAI flyer (posted on this website) for the day’s details and location.

Note: We plan to mail the decals on Friday, January 20.  Thank you for your patience! 

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